Your Writing Brought to Life  October 28, 2012 - December 12, 2012

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Winner-Full Script - The Boy With the Red Eyes
Second Place-Portion of Story Scripted - A Brother's Hold
Third Place-Reviewed/Critiqued - Prologue


Hallooo! :) I hope to be a future screenplay writer, and I thought "Hey, why not start now?" Practice makes perfect, right? Anyway, all you need to do is submit a story, it can be a whole book or a short story, and I will choose a winner! I will base it off character activity, if you have an interesting/stimulating plot, and emotion. It can be funny, sad, coming-of-age, adult, young adult, teen, a lesson, anything really. Something that would make a difference in anyone's mind. :) Good Luck!

~Emma Pond


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