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Not only Your Favorite, Now My Favorite - The Canvas of Life
Your Gift Is Your Words - Tattoo My Soul
You are Beyond Talented - Red Violet
I Stand in Awe - Laughing like the Sun
Unbelievably Beautiful - [writing deleted]
You Blew Me Away - [writing deleted]
I Wish I Could Have Written This - Silence
Your Soul Is Gold - [writing deleted]
This was Brilliant - natures own
I am in Love with this poem - The Gift
Beautiful - I Once Knew a Girl...
Gorgeous - The Cutting.
Amazing - You Sailed Away
Wonderful - [writing deleted]
Unbelievable - Osama, Obama, Oh Mama, Mo' Drama


*Only members of the Asylum (for poets) will be considered for the win. If not a member, please join us.*

Give me your favorite poem you've written. it can be about any subject. give me the one you are most proud of, the one you that is your own personal favorite. only get one shot, so make it your best! & you'll have 2 weeks to submit it.


$0.00, respect from your fellow inmates/ poets


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