a lovely little mistake  July 7, 2012 - July 16, 2012

Contest Completed


first place - [writing deleted]
second place - Vang Vieng
third place - All The King's Horses
fourth place - Reversal of Fortune
honorable mention - [writing deleted]


*Alm has created a contest!*

Hey guys!

So, your theme is the title. Interpret it however...but,

MAKE SURE I CAN SEE IT'S ABOUT A MISTAKE. Your chances will decrease if it isn't about a mistake, or I won't consider it.

I like any form of poetry, as long as it's written well, words fit well, just as long as it is good. Haiku, free verse, tanka, villanelle, sestina, some new form...go crazy.

Okay, but I don't like anything too entirely distasteful. If artistically employed, or conveyed correctly, I am fine. So cursing and sexual themes are fine as long as it isn't sailor speak, or porn in words, or just plain BLAH.

Poetry only, any genre-ish up to three submissions! YAAAY.

...now enter something.


boasting rights? a review? friendship?


By the sea, in a land called Honah Lee


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