breaking bounds  March 22, 2007 - April 2, 2007

Contest Completed


First place, F*ck the rules - [writing deleted]
For seeing silver lings in the obscene - [writing deleted]
Crossing lines without breaking down - [writing deleted]
I Breathe poetry and smoke ryhmes - [writing deleted]
Cuz u can't confine poetry to this 4x4 box - [writing deleted]


poems that don't conform... dont ryhme, have run on sentences, odd breaks, slant ryhme, unpredictable iambs... but still have the undeniable structure of a great poem. Maybe they do ryhme a little... but if you ryhme tears with fears or any other trite elementary attempts at poetry.... dont enter this one. Subjects that cross the line, poems that offend people... not just to offend people tho, only things that are real, that have a meaning to you. No bullshyt here people, only raw unextinguished f*****g truth.


Knowing you kick ass, and i'll post the winners and write it all over your page.



Created Mar 23, 2007

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