character for my story!  June 8, 2010 - June 16, 2010

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YAY! ur characters will be in my story! - A Lost Key and A Broken Gateway: Profiles


i need characters for the story im makein called: A Lost Key And A Broken Gate Way~) i need a boy and girl character! the story is bout: A Terible war breaks out in a world on the other end of ours, a girl and boy fall in love but can't be together, or so every one thinks~)
the character info must have:
there name
about there past
and extra info.
i NEED only a Boy character a girl character and an extra character (boy or girl or an different species!) If its OK with u only subbmit it if im aloud to use the characters u make! ^^;


Your characters will BE IN MY STORY! i will minchon who i get the from!


~Death The Kid~ ☜♥☞
~Death The Kid~ ☜♥☞
SYMMETRY LAND!!!, were symmetry is :3, Japan


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Created Jun 9, 2010

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Heaven Is Accessible
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