creative short story.  July 1, 2013 - July 23, 2013

Contest Completed


Book plus copies of my novels signed. - Mary Never Had a Lamb, She Was the Lamb
Copies of my novel the vampire - Damn You, That Was MY Flower!
To know they won - My Dream
To know they won - [writing deleted]
To know they won - FOREVER IN MY HEART
To know they won - Tom's last moment
To know they won - "Mortality"
To know they won - My Beloved
To know they won - Sleeper
To know they won - A Grave Mistake


A contest for a creative short story, the one that i find most profound signed copies of my books and a novel of their choice up to £10 in value (cost of book) It can be about anything and I shall post comments on the writing of as many as i can and give positive feed back.


$0.00, Copies of the immortal door signed and dreamworld by marion tucker and novel that cost up to ten pounds/ dollars in value.


london, United Kingdom


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