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deeper dark  June 28, 2007 - July 12, 2007

Contest Completed


Most gruesome(1st) - Diary of a Mad Brooklynite
most sick(1st) - My Dead Girlfriend
most twisted(1st) - Piglets
Damn i didn - [writing deleted]
whoah!(2nd) - Your Perfect Eyes
i think your brain needs a little sun shine(second) - [writing deleted]
careful you might not hurt yourself(3rd) - [writing deleted]
death isn - I of Three
Muwahahaha!!(3rd) - I\'m Sorry, but this is what I live for.
Madness is your only sin(4th) - [writing deleted]
don - [writing deleted]
ok so you found yourself...please don - [writing deleted]
more blood?less death? more death?less blood? MORE BOTH!(7th) - [writing deleted]
sleeping in the shadows is fun(8th) - He\'s So Fake
HEEEEELLLLPPPPP MMMMEEEEEEEE!!!(hnrble mntin) - [writing deleted]


write me something dark and twisted, a little sick even. somethaing that makes even you twitch. give me horror and gore give me suicide and murder all the shadows of the human mind.





Created Jun 28, 2007