everday things  June 7, 2008 - September 17, 2008

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I love it!!!! it was teh epitomeh of win!! - Blood Stained Sacrifice
I loved it it made me feel the pain of the lost - The Darkside of The Moon
good job on using the items, it was deep - Double Edged
I hope you are teh epitomeh of win next time, but I liked it anyways - You Finally Got Me


write a story, poem, or journal or whatever of these everyday things: girl, boy, hairbrush as microphone, any kind of cell phone, a heart to give away, a song that means a lot and a past memories of the love that got away (and the love that got away? that is so an everyday item!) YOU MUST INCLUDE THESE ITEMS!!!


Knowing that even the thing you lost is out there and that your love still shows true


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