happy begining sad ending part two  June 24, 2012 - June 30, 2012

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You made me shead a tear - [writing deleted]
my heart goes out to you - LOVE LOVES NO ONE
wow you have been through a lot - [writing deleted]
you are a strong writter - My Father's Unconditional Love
i cried a little - Zombie Ghost
you made me sad - The Lady in the Box
i felt like i was there - The Minstrel of the Blue Moon
i cried for about 20 minutes - [writing deleted]
i cried for a little while - 5 was enough
i cried every time i even thought about it - Keep Your Secrets Hidden


alright this is part two and you can submit anything that has a happy beginning and a sad ending i want to be able to feel the raw emotion and i want to cry when i read it and that's how i will pick the winner good luck and have fun :D


that warm fuzzy feeling :P


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♥ Lexii Boo ♥
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