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Here�s a challenge for all you poets out there. It�s a little known form of poetry called a Double Dactyl, or sometimes called a Higgledy Piggledy. It follows a strict form, much like a limerick. It was created as a sort of parlor game for the literate, so it�s not exactly designed for deep thoughts. A Higgledy Piggledy is composed of two verses of 3 lines each. 6 syllables in each of the first two lines, 10 syllables in the last of each verse. It begins on an accented syllable followed by two unaccented syllables and continues that pattern, ending each verse on an accent. The last word of each line must rhyme with each other. The first line is often a nonsense line, often using the words Higgledy Piggledy. The second line often includes the name or description of a person. The rest is up to you. I haven�t written one in years, but here are a couple examples from long ago.

Mixadent fixadent
Reagan�s the president
Some think he�s wonderful, I am unmoved

He�s antiquarian
One thing I�ll give him, his acting�s improved

And this one about a once popular sexpert�..

Higgledy piggledy
Doctor Ruth Westheimer
How could you give me such awful advice?

Seemed a good formula
But I kept speeding. The cops caught me twice.

Ok. Now it�s your turn. Have fun.


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