if the shoe fits...  January 6, 2015 - October 1, 2015

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Winner! - My broken prince charming
Most Creative - Over the Rainbow
Most Passionate - Why?
Most Twisted - Trouble
Most Improved Upon the Story - The Reaper
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]


Fairy tales have happy endings. All of us know what happened in that mushy fairy tale, Cinderella. Yeah, it`s romantic, the prince actually finding Cinderella. They lived happily ever after. But happy endings can sometimes be, well...boring. No zing. So predictable. So...happy. What if the shoe fit one of the sisters? What happens then? Play with your imagination here. Be funny if you like. Or serious if you feel like it. Or be an Alfred Hitchcock. Whatever you are into, write your ending to the Cinderella story -- but this time, make it so that the shoe fit one of the icky sisters. What does Prince Charming do? How does Cinderella cope with it? And what about the Fairy Godmother? Start your story here. Do any twisted fairy tale at all! Cinderella was just an idea. Please nothing over 2500 words!


reviews and constructive criticism. make me proud and i will add your work to my library!


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