it's ALIVE!  August 6, 2007 - August 20, 2007

Contest Completed


Springsteenian Doctorate of Towering Refinery *1st Place* - [writing deleted]
Virgil Exner/Steven King 1957 Fury Award (2nd Place) - Survival Of The Sharpest
Brian Wilson Master of Vehicular Obsession Certification (3rd Place) - [writing deleted]


submit a poem about machinery that seems to have a life or personality.
these contest parameters are a bit odd and i think i botched the last one. there were five awards, but only let me pick three finalists. hopefully this time the moderator will be a bit more careful in setting up the rules. so this may be just the same contest as last time but without the glitches, although i opened it up beyond love and/or affection to simply animation. so if you have a poem/story about a possessed fax machine, a haunted door lock, or a grocery cart that makes your pulse quicken, please submit a work or two. feel free to resubmit work from the previous contest. i don't think it was as fair as it could have been.


titles are given as prizes, kind of wizard of oz thing



Created Aug 6, 2007