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kids poems !!  March 28, 2012 - March 31, 2012

Contest Completed


1rst place - PiZZA.
2nd place - My Sunshine
3rd place - sugar snow
4rth place - [writing deleted]
5th place - Butterflies
6th place - The Land of Candy
7th place - Animal Madness
8th place - My Lunch
9th place - Dance of the Stars
tenth place - The Tree House


This is a contest for kids poems ... .funny kids poems or just normal kids poems go ahead and try your best .... give me the best shot that you can with your best kids poems for childrens ......... poetry .......
lets see what you got ./..
short poems , long ones but has to be funny kids poems or just normal kids poems


$0.00, that you did your best job


jennifer little
jennifer little
Coldwater, MI


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