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CSLOL (Can't Stop Laughing Out Loud) - Excremental Pride
TFFW (Too Funny For Words) - Pickup lines will lose the girl and gain a slap
YAH! (You Are hilarious!) - Good Bye Old Friend
FM (Funny Monkey) (That was from my daughter) - Learning Something New
GS (Giggling Slightly) - Ashes To Ashes
SW (Smirking Widely) - A Dolce Moment
CAS (Cracked A Smile) - Afterlife as a Cougar


Make me lol please!
Poetry only but any genre.
Preferably not too long.
See who can make me laugh the loudest with the least amount of words.
Click the grey words "you're a poet did you know it" in the rules section and join the group and then enter the contest for these fabulous prizes.


Fun Fun Fun! Plus, you will be the featured writer in this growing group.



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