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Sophisticated soul! - Try to Imagine Nothing
Brilliant Brain! - Fresh Air
perfect photography - Wind Chimes
authentic admiration - Lemon Tea / Cherry Tree
Dazzling determination - Night Train
Crisp creativity - Pieces Of String
Flawless flow - Butterfly Peas and Black Seasme
Lovely lace - Lost In Lotus Seas
Magical mood - the lackadaisical nomad
Hopeful humor - in the sheltering sky


Life is full of symblolism. Sometimes we get inspired by the smell of sweet coffee, the sound of a broken record, the beauty of a thunder storm. Whatever it may be, i would like writers to submit poems about something that has inspired them. Fill it with symbols and themes....make it deep and broken or beautiful and short. Try not to go too dense, the longer it is the longer it will take me to pick a winner. Although i would hate to put a limit on writing length, but realistically speaking i have only so much time.

so please submit work.


sentimental~ galore
sentimental~ galore
on the moon, CA


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