musicequalslife  March 28, 2007 - April 28, 2007

Contest Completed


forgive me for lack of a better name - [writing deleted]
SECOND PLACE - Homegrown Blues
THIRD PLACE - [writing deleted]
FOURTH PLACE - [writing deleted]
HONORABLE MENTION - [writing deleted]


make a song your own...either change the lyrics, or make me feel what you got from it...just like if i were there with you, what would you feel...i really would like to know the circumstances...and why you were mad, or happy i guess...although that particular emotion doesnt go with dances for me....hope someone can bring that section up to a good standing point effect my judgment, and ill be picking the winner..mainly because i want to read everything you all have come up with....i want to hear it....


my...uhh...second spot on my friends list..or a message that says youre the best...although your self esteem should go up from least somewhat...the badges



Created Mar 26, 2007