my version of addict me  June 19, 2011 - July 12, 2011

Contest Completed


1st place - [writing deleted]
2nd place - [writing deleted]
3rdplace - Blood Stripes
want to finish - [writing deleted]
want to finish - The Thorns Of A Dream
would like to finish - [writing deleted]
would like to finish - [writing deleted]


if any of you saw the addict me contest, this is pretty much a repeat, except now I'm judging it.
entries should be the beginnings of full-length novels, though they obviously don't need to be completed yet. Hook me to your story, wrap me up in your world, make it so I will die if I don't get to read more.
I will read up to three chapters, depending on chapter length



18 Contestants
25 Submissions
Created Jun 20, 2011

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