new name contest  January 12, 2008 - January 17, 2008

Contest Completed


the new name - [writing deleted]
excellent - [writing deleted]
really good - [writing deleted]
4 - [writing deleted]
5 - [writing deleted]
6 - [writing deleted]
7 - [writing deleted]
8 - [writing deleted]
9 - [writing deleted]
10 - [writing deleted]


this is the contest to re name our beats group and social movement.
Another party now has the name 21st beats, and it is a lame name anyway but the only thing i could think of at the time.
We are the new beats but we are much more than that too.. it would be great to keep a hint of the old beats and yet re identify ourselves as a standout soon as it is decided we will reserve the name so these dishonest people cannot steal it like they did the other
ok anyway here are some suggestions.. not all of them are good,, the really goofy ones you know that i jason wrote.. but hey it will get those creative juices flowing..

Epoch beats
Neoteric beats

Erudite beats

Erudite epoch


Cerebral epoch


Epoch artistes



Dharmatic grooves

Inner drum Beats

Offbeat Writers

Heart to Heart Beats

Modern Beats or the New Beats! or even Phoenix Beats
beats in our souls!
someone even suggested argonauts and since i was named after the legend of jason and the argonauts i thought it was cool or maybe a variation of argo or argonaughts or something

ok so that should get those juices flowing...
nat z punx said something to me that i entirely agree with... he stated something to the effect that he feels that this is a great group with a great cause and remember we want it to be a social movement too... well he thought it is a great group that deserves a much better and more gritty name than some derogatory term that the true beats used to refer to the poseurs or wanna be beats..
so lets invent a new name... i will run this contest for 5 days and we will select the best ten submissions then we will have a group wide vote..
so this is important for all.. we are an eclectic bunch what do you want to be called submit and vote it will be fun and you may be the one.. we dont play favs in this group we are all equal..
so invent stuff and lets see what you come up with and dont forget to put in a definition or meaning of your submission..
we need a kickass new avatar too so help me with that too...

lets hit it
we are not madison avenue as nat z punx says we are the real deal

use your imagination we need to distinguish what we are from what has been before, but yet still keep a little hint of the old in there


credited with naming our movement



Created Jan 11, 2008

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