pictures in twenty words  March 19, 2008 - March 20, 2008

Contest Completed


1st place--picture in twenty words - [writing deleted]
2nd place--picture in twenty words - picture in 20 words:mountain stare
3rd place--picture in twenty words - A Picture In Twenty Words: Raechel-newcurtains


go to

this is the website of a professional photographer friend of mine. he has divided his site into two sections: portraits and landscapes.

your challenge is to choose 1 picture from each section and...
-write a story or poem about the picture in 20 words or less
-post each finished piece on the website. make sure you ADD it to the contest to get credit.
-for each piece make sure you right click the picture you used on the website, then save it to your computer, then add it as an image for your piece of writing so it appears with it on the site.

-title your pieces "A Picture in Twenty Words: ______________" in the blank put whatever you want for your title.

-please give credit to the pictures as coming from

-both pieces need to be posted by 12:01 a.m. tonight or the contest will close.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be automatically included in the print magazine


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