Human DeEvolution Crusade
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poem with the most emotion  July 4, 2012 - July 12, 2012

Contest Completed


most emotinal - The Golden Aura
2nd most emotinal - circle of emotions
3rd most emotinal - One Father to Another
4th most emotinal - Playing with Knives
5th most emotinal - Steel
6th most emotinal - Smile
7th most emotinal - Center of Nowhere
most sad - My Son's Keeper
made me cry ( thats good ) - [writing deleted]
more emotion!! - Sad Poet


submit a poem to me ( one you have written already or you can make one ) that has a lot of emotion ) sad happy so on ) it can be an event that has happened in your life or just something sad or happy. it doesnt have to be real either. good llluuucccckkk! :)


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Created Jul 4, 2012