quest?  September 21, 2007 - October 21, 2007

Contest Completed


#1 Best Poet - Traveling with you
Wonderful Poet - [writing deleted]
Amazing Poet - [writing deleted]
Great Poet - [writing deleted]
Great Poet - [writing deleted]


I want to see poems that describe some sort of a journey. To me, narrative poems are preferable, but do not limit yourself. If you have a better way, I welcome everything.

I'm looking for really good stuff here, though; no wishy washy wimpy bullshit. Give me a strong story that captures me and remains imprinted in my mind. The longer you can sustain the journey in your poem, the better, so don't be shy with your words. I want to be taken away and blown away.


If you win, I will thoroughly and strongly review three poems of your choosing and promote you heavily. Second place gets two reviews; third gets one. Not to mention the medals.



Created Sep 21, 2007