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riversofbluestars magazine  October 20, 2013 - October 31, 2013

Contest Completed


The Best - You smiled first
Talented - Forest of Fire
Amazing - My Immortal Soul
Fantastic - Dance
Stunning - snapshot
Brilliant - Captivated Moments
Supersonic - [writing deleted]
Out of this world - Limitless love
Don't forget Halloween - `Ragdoll Puppet`
Crazy Cat - Us


my dream has always been to run my own poetry magazine and I've recently set up a new blog at this address, the first issue published this month. The second issue is in November, but I haven't got enough submissions. This contest is for publication in the magazine or you can submit at the blog. The blog is for contemporary cutting edge poetry 14 lines or less so that is what i'm looking for in this contest. Publication in small magazines looks good when you try to get your book published. One submission per writer and i'm looking for a very high standard of poetry. Have fun.


United Kingdom


11 Contestants
11 Submissions
Created Oct 20, 2013