something emotional or you feel strongly about.  September 9, 2012 - January 31, 2013

Reading and Deliberating


You can write about basically anything you feel strongly about. Anything that gets a powerful emotion out of you whether it be happiness, hatred, despair, relief, anger, frustration, dissapointment, love, or confusion. The sky's the limit. I'm not a judgemental or biased person so if you feel compelled to write something for this or you want to share a piece you've written, don't hesitate. I don't care about how old you are or how many stories you've written. Everyone has a fair chance. If you've written something personal you would like to enter, you could just mail it directly to me. Just tell me it's a submission, first. So... without further ado... Good luck! :)
1st through 5th get full prize
6th through 9th get my utter devotion.
!0th just for the hell of it you get the full prize


$0.00, My utter devotion to your writing and sugar-coated reccomendations that I'll put in the authors note for all my stories for all the sites I write for.


The lucky b*****d The lucky b*****d
almost,still pretty lucky almost,still pretty lucky
good job :) good job :)
nice work :/ nice work :/
My smiley faces are tired :+ My smiley faces are tired :+
fix your karma fix your karma
better than nothing better than nothing
two more to go two more to go
i still liked your writing i still liked your writing
ur gettin the reccomendation just for the hell of it ur gettin the reccomendation just for the hell of it


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