submit your worst work here  April 17, 2008 - May 2, 2008

Contest Completed


I can't believe I will now have to give the contest creator US$1,000 - Clock Of Life
I can't believe I fell for this. Time to check my bank account - Let your car tell a story
I almost did not make it - the best of the worst


This contest was made to find who reads contest rules and those who don't. The winner of the contest will have to give the cash prize amount to the creator of the contest.

The 2nd place and 3rd place will pool their funds together and give US$20 to each and every writer who has submitted but lost.

Winners lose, and losers win.

Remember, the US$1,000 cash prize will be paid by the winner to the creator of the contest (me)


I become happy, that is a great prize in itself



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Created Apr 17, 2008