super-what!?  October 21, 2014 - November 21, 2014

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1stplaceimreallyawesome - [writing deleted]
2ndplaceimkindaawesome - White Feather - final
3rdplaceimalittleawesome - The Amazing Petunia Whisperer


Create a short story about an ordinary kid (guy or girl, tween or teen) who somehow gets superpowers. Who or what gave them powers? will they be a hero, or a villain? What are their powers?! Do they have a nemesis????
I'm looking for something that'd be safe for anyone to read: no cussing, relatable characters, interesting plot, humor, etc.
you can submit up to two stories.
length... it should be long enough to make the reader like your character (s) and understand what's going on.
All entries will be reviewed!
It's a fun prompt to write and the winner will be highly praised.


$000, reviews for everyone who enters! High praise for winner!



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Created Oct 21, 2014