the broken hearted shall be heard.  September 7, 2008 - October 12, 2008

Contest Completed


amazing, my regrets that you had felt this bad. - If you think...
great work. - S.L.A.P
you almost had me. - Into the Light
good job. - OUR TALE
good job. - Until it is Time
good job. - ..if I could let you know. . .
good job. - If I Had Only Known ღ KKD ღ
honorable - When whispers are shared
honorable - But I still love you
honorable - Broken Heart


i was engaged and she left.

give me a poem about someone you loved, left you. this is a contest for the broken hearted. or people that had this happen to them.


a ribbion and new friend


Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr
warren, OH


49 Contestants
81 Submissions
Created Sep 8, 2008

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