wite a 1200 page novel  January 10, 2008 - February 10, 2008

Contest Completed


yea - [writing deleted]
ok - [writing deleted]
uh-hih - [writing deleted]
what - [writing deleted]
sh*t - [writing deleted]
P.s - [writing deleted]
I - [writing deleted]
Love - [writing deleted]
you - [writing deleted]
give - [writing deleted]
me - [writing deleted]
a - [writing deleted]
hoo - [writing deleted]
hoo - [writing deleted]
to - [writing deleted]
all - [writing deleted]
my - [writing deleted]
n****s - [writing deleted]
who - [writing deleted]
about doe f**k hoes - [writing deleted]


I will review each novel to its fullest extent and give the prize to the one I see most deserving . You have to write about Space Persians and the S.S. Enterprise . I want to see some action some romance and some gory horror . Please double space each line and no grammatical errors . Remember a minimum of 1200 pages this has to be a best seller . I think this will be the ultimate challenge .


Bragging Rights : you can say I wrote a stupid book that was 1200 pages long


adairsville, GA


Created Jan 11, 2008

Human DeEvolution Crusade
Timeline of the XV 15 Numbered Historical Crusades. Religious Ignorance Aside.There are over 26 War Events Listed Here.
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