writerscafe really messed up!!!!! my thoughts on this!!  February 8, 2008 - December 31, 2008

Reading and Deliberating


this is not a contest! i am deleting my account in a few days. i suggest everyone else do the same! this was a mistake that should not have been made! and all they offer is a lame apology for losing my heartfelt thoughts that i can never get back! i think this site should be lost as our writings were. i am to say the least pissed! the site runs slow anyway with too many bugs! in the end all they offered us were our reviews back. well f**k them and this site! lets shut it down. delete your account as well and there are better ones out there anyway. i will leave a list of these in a day or so. thank you! and i am sorry for what negligence has done to all of us, more so than this careless sorry excuse of a poetic myspace.


the sweet taste of vengance


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