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8 Tawang Chu Valley located in the foot of Himalayas is a challenging terrain for the die-hard trekking enthusiasts. Except in the east, the valleyOakley Active Sunglasses is encircled by mountains with snow peaks and pine forests proliferate in the lower region of the mountains. Known as the Treasure Trove of Himalayas, it is a mind blowing experience when one comes across the sheer variety of flora in the valley. To ensure nothing break off your peaceful vacation be ready with your travel bag with some clothes and water. On your way donâEUR(TM)t forget to collect as much travel information as possible!!!!!! Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses
Prepare a day-by-day itinerary which comprises all information about transportation and lodging. Book tickets in advance to reach Guwahati either by train or flight. Book cabs in advance to go to Tezpur a 6-hour drive if you want to enjoy the trip and 6-7 hours drive from Tezpur to Tawang. Find out groups who are willing to share the cab so that it will cut down your travelling expenses.
Trekking, the name itself summons up the sheer beauty as well as the splendor of the valley as Tawang is one among the best trekking destinations in the world. Though it is an adventure one cannot afford to miss, donâEUR(TM)t forget to take a click of the picturesque mountains and the high mountain passes as well as yaks and ponies. Sunglasses âEUR¦.. donâEUR(TM)t leave them home, then you will be in trouble while spending a couple of hours resting on the rocks!!!!
Tawang War Memorial, dedicated to the martyrs of Sino-India war is constructed in stupa design. War memorial is 40 foot high located in the beautiful peaks is dedicated to the warriors with the dead soldiers names engraved in gold. Oakley Frogskins Sunglass
Covered with snow throughout the year, Tawang a perfect destination from all the hustle and bustle can be reached through Sela top pass where visitors requires inner line permits. Do not forget to take the permits which are available in the major cities like Delhi and Guwahati as well as Kolkata. Oakley Radar Sunglasses
Exalted with beautiful lakes around the town and one such instance is the striking Pankang Teng Tso Lake. A great place to spend, the natural lake is serene where one can peacefully watch the Mother Nature. Renowned for the scenic surroundings and for the rare avi-fauna the Sangetsar Lake exerts a pull on most of the tourists. Do not forget to visit Bap Teng Kang waterfall which is situated en route to Zemithang. Be ready with your aloe-based products for the reason that while immersing in the beauty of nature do something for your sensitive skin. A med kit must be ready with you while you roam around. Organize your trip properly and ready with your handy reference so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of Tawang!!!!!.
A significant place of Mahayana Buddhism is the Tawang monastery founded during the 17th century by Mera Lama Lodre Gyaltso. This monastery is AsiaâEUR(TM)s second largest and biggest in India. Imposed assembly hall which is three-storied and the golden statues of Lord Buddha which is 28 feet draw the attention of the visitors.


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