~HAUNTING YOU: WHEN YOU'RE NOT ALONE...~  August 16, 2007 - August 31, 2007

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Shakin' in my shoes! Superb! - [writing deleted]
Wobbly-kneed over here! Great Job! - [writing deleted]
I do believe in spooks! I do, I do! Good job! - [writing deleted]
Quite haunting, very nice! Honorable mention - [writing deleted]
Quite haunting, very nice! Honorable mention - Supernatural encounter
Quite haunting, very nice! Honorable mention - [writing deleted]


~The Presence~
"I feel you, wish I could see the you there is on me.
Who are you? Why are you here lingering in my bedroom?
Are you lost along the way to the other world in which we cannot yet be?
There is no sign, no shadow or fog-no sound, no light beyond that of the moon.
Yet you are tangible, walking with soft cat-like feet over my leg, back and beyond on my bed.
Oh spirit why do you come to me in the early dark of night to disturb my mind?
And his�my husband who must rise early and cannot work with a sleepy-head.
Go along your way, find the light of Heaven-do something, just go-dear soul, be kind.
One thing first�just thank you,
Thank you for letting me know
That there is indeed more,
I don�t know what,
But there is
something else
for us
when we
.....I want your best story, poem, or whatever describing what you feel is a spirit in your home or someone else's that you've experienced. It HAS to have happened to you, something personal. I want to experience it through your eyes, make me feel it-whatever it is that you felt when it happened-whether it be fear, panic, or curiousity. Show me what it was like...


$0-nothing but respect and the accompanying bragging rights of the little blue ribbon for your page



Created Aug 16, 2007