"A Fun Festive Frog Fable" by Kieta!

"A Fun Festive Frog Fable" by Kieta!

A Lesson by C. Rose

"I finally found a frog named Fred."


"A Fun Festive Frog Fable" by Kieta! won the fifth Promote Me! contest.


I finally found a frog called Fred. Fred felt fine, and fiddled with flowers while fleeing from Florida. Fred followed a flowing fountain. He fell facedown flat on the floor! Finally Fred met Francesca the frog. Fortunately, Fred failed his fun festive finals! Fred married Francesca the frog and they had Fregley the froggie! Fortunately, Fregley didn't get flattened by a foal! He found a Foxglove flower though. He filed a fraud complaint against it! Fregley never was the brightest frog on the lillypad.

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Added on November 10, 2014
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