Promote Me!

Promote Me!

A Lesson by C. Rose

The ten finalists from the May 2014 "Promote Me!" contest.


The top ten finalists (out of 197), in no particular order besides category, are as follows:

"Only the Rain" - LawrenceRaybon
Quality character development

"Maintaining" - Angeline
Easily step into the world of "The Crackhouse Diaries"

"Slip of the Tongue" - SpeedyHobbit Armstrong
Strong writing in a Tolkien-esque world

"Once a Red Moon" - Nusquam Esse
Excellent ending and a high writing quality.

"Camel No-Filters" - LJW
Feels like you're there

"Let them Live" - LawrenceRaybon
Powerful poem on a difficult topic

"I Love You!" - LawrenceRaybon
Witty reflection on love

"Dancing with my Monster" - Blue Belle
This piece fought its way to the top ten through a horde of poems with a similar theme. That says a lot about its caliber.

"Death" - Green
Original, witty, eerie

"Twice Shy" - felioness
A well-expanded moment, with an almost passively witty end

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