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LESSON II. What Is Meter?

LESSON II. What Is Meter?

A Lesson by Richard 🍃

Is meter in poetry necessary? Why is meter important?


II. What Is Meter & Why Is It Important?


English is possibly the most difficult language of all in which to write poetry.

   Unlike other languages, it does not have a rhythm or a natural rhyme, and so in this age of fast everything's, and in the haste to write poetry it is possibly the reason why meter and rhyme has become ignored and free form is so popular.

   I am not saying that Poetic Prose, Free Verse, or Free Style are any less poetry than metered and rhyming poetry.

   What I am saying is that poetry is a skill and takes time to master. Not only does it take time to learn the physical skills of writing, but also the mental skills that separate the master from the apprentice, or the genius from the mundane.

   Free Forms, in the hands of a skilled wordsmith, have the potential to be better poetry, because of its freedom, but unless the wordsmith has the skill and training, the majority of it is not even potentially fit for birthday cards.

(This is a work in progress. Check back in a week.)

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I believe it
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Richard 🍃
Richard 🍃


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