how to start

how to start

A Lesson by joanofbooke

how to start a story and take it from a simple idea to an amazing portrayal.


    Its alway best just to start with an idea. Whether it comes from a dream or a random idea.

then get it on paper or start it on the computer, from there read it over and you can add detail and discription.






            please submit some of your rough ideas and ill show you what i mean and give you some personal help.



                                                                        joan of booke

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Hello Joan of Booke;

I look forward to your comments. I will check again tomorrow. Thanks.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Dark clouds filled the sky with temperance. Radical motion from the angry winds grabbed her attention. The branches fell around her. While trees split in halves. She could feel the earth rumbling in baritone louder and louder.

Beneath her feet streams were racing from every direction. closing in on her as if she was a target. No control. Helpless. Balance lost. Her body had a will all it's own. As the rush of darkness crowed recklessly around her. Her foot caught on to broken slabs. Arms stretched reaching, reaching . . . . What will hold her in place? There was nothing.

The looseness of the earth seemed to be in constant turmoil. Her will not her own. Her eyes darted as she searched to understand what was happening to her. Underneath her feet appeared the dead. A grave yard made it's presence from nowhere.

Caskets raise like dirty bobbling dolls. Nasty and wet. Dark boxes spring up in rapid succession. everyone way it way up above the ground like a budding garden. Thick with darker colored moss. Funky and moist.

Her mind racing and racing! She was losing her nerve as her heart began to beat a like palms pounding on bongos. Her body froze. What was she to think of this? Was her time to die?

There was no way for her to know. Everything happened so fast. Then suddenly, a rectangular box slid open quickly. A body appears from within the casket. She sees it! "Oh!"

Fingers trace ragged edges. A hand slowly search the interior walls from inside of the wooden box. "Who could it be," she thought? She sees a face.
Her eyes flooded in her own fluids. The tears started racing down her face. She wipe her eyes, "Daddy," she shouts in disbelief. he was making his way out of the casket!

Frighted for what she saw, her eyes open quickly. She was turned to the solace of her bedroom. The night air kissed her face. Her blanket wrapped around her like the arms of a lover who comforts her.
No storm. No crashing trees. No, the earth crumble from underneath her feet. No swimming caskets. She was safe once more.

Her father's casket was completely out of sight. Other than the sound of crickets singing out side her window. There was no need to worry. She felt safe and secure again in the natural sense.

Never mind the goose-like bumps making which made hairs stand up on her neck and shoulders. She still felt chills up her spine like ice on a 110 fever. It was in that moment when she decided to rise herself up in bed.

She was awake but still confused about what she was able to recall. Everything appeared so real to her. As if she was actually in another dimension of destruction and death.

Maybe what she went though in that short moment was not a dream at all. It seem more like an outer body experience. what ever it was pulled and tugged at her like a tugging beast. What did it all mean she wondered?
It's 4:45 in the morning. She had a meeting with department heads this morning. Two more hours before getting ready for work. Rest is what she needs right now, not ghost in the wee hour of the morning.

Dream or not she knew it meant something. Before she lied her head on the pillow she decided to reach for the glass on the night stand. then took a drink.

How was she supposed to interpret this. The dream seemed real. Her father had gotten too old. His body too weak. There was nothing she could do to save him. The stroke caught up with him and took him away from her. She missed so much.

Perhaps he was somehow trying get a message to her from the grave? After all, he's been buried for about 3 months now. What ever it was it was definitely urgent she recall.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

I'm working on several stories and planning some poems, already started two books on this site if you wanna see.

I don't feel like summarizing a story in the comment box... makes me feel like someone would steal it or something.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

I have an idea for a story about a witch called Anna Greene whose Father has been accused for raping a 15 year old girl from a nearby village (The girl's mother). The girl's Father also committed two murders...killing one 7 year old boy and kidnapping, ritualistically killing an infant. The girl has been seen as strange and after her Father has been killed the villagers go after the girl, kill the girl's unborn child and burn her at the stake. Before she dies the girl places a curse on the village that each generation of her family will bear a son that will seduce a young villager and impregnating her to give birth to a daughter whose a reincarnation of Anna Greene.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

this is very good keep working on it

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Posted 8 Years Ago

i like it isnt it from a taylor swift song? I really like it just remember to edit, and i would really like to hear something completely original;}

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Is it good?

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Do you have a heart of stone?

Your out of my reach.

I'm in love.

I'm in deep,yeah.

I'v gotta know tonight.

Are you alone tonight?

Can't stop this feeling,

Can't stop this fire.

I'v got to know tonight.

Are you alone tonight?

I'v gotta know.

May I take away your loneliness.

I wanna be your love.

I'v gotta know tonight..

All I know I cant fight this.

Cuz im crazy bout you baby.

Without you one night alone,

It's like a year without you baby.

Dose she have a heart of stone?

Can't stop the hurt inside.

Your the reason for the tear drops on my guitar.

I bet she's beautiful,the girl you talk about.

Your so in love.

Dont't let his tears fall to the ground.

I wonder.

Do you know?

That your all I think about.

Your the reason for the tear drops on my guitar.

She'd better hold him tight.

Give him all of her love.

Look in those beautiful eye.

And know she's lucky cuz.

My love is the reason for the tear drops on my guitar.

She has a heart of stone.

The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star.

I put your picture down and maybe get some sleep at night.

She has everything,I have to live without.

She's so lucky,

That girl he talks about.

She breaks his sweet heart.

It breaks my heart.

I'm crying cuz I love you.

Why can't I have him wishing star?

My tears will not end till I have you in my arms.

Oh my love.

Girl With a heart of stone.

Don't break my love's heart.

I'm in love.

Prepare to die if you hurt my love.

You stone hearted witch!

Do you know how lucky you are?!

I wish to be in your place.

Oh my love.

I need you my love.

Oh my love.

Let him break free from this curse.

Bring him to me .

Oh my love.

Wishing star please.

Will he ever love me?

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