4 - The Arrogant Antagonist

4 - The Arrogant Antagonist

A Lesson by Meeks

The bestest, most awesomest, greatest, err... worst bad guys follow this rule.


This is a type of antagonist the readers always, I repeat always, love to hate. 

Yeah, almost every bad guy has a bit of this. When they know they're holding all the cards and they rub it in your face. And smirk while doing so. Perfectly horrible.
Except I'm not talking about your average smug guy. People actually base their antagonists on this trait, milking it for all it's worth. Like President Snow in the Hunger Games triology. But how do we replicate that?

First thing that you antagonist has to have... is everything. Well, almost everything. Enough of everything to feel perfectly safe and at home right next to the hero, while the hero doesn't. Wether it's the qualities, or skills, or power, or a considerably pointy tongue,  the bad guy has most and can take the hero right down if he wants to. And they both know that.

And THEN the antagonist can be smug about it. Kind of rub the advantage in your face, make sure it smears and sticks, and then maybe squeezing some last bits out to finish the job. Really. Have him/her lay it on thick. Make sure that the bad guy describes just how evil he is, just how stupid the hero is, and how hopeless it is for the hero to ever try to stop him.

EXCERSIZE: Set a timer for ten minutes. Write a scene in which the antagonist visits the hero, just to talk to him and try to convince him to stop trying. Because it's all hopeless anyway.

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Posted 2 Years Ago

When antagonist tries to convince the hero to stop trying, he immediately looks weak. It's better (in my opinion) if antagonist enjoys hero trying to stop him, knowing he can never do so. :))
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