Characters: Mary Sues and Gary Stues

Characters: Mary Sues and Gary Stues

A Lesson by Kaylie Terrell

A guide on not creating the dreaded nightmare characters!


We all know the dreaded Mary Sues and Gary Stues , they are perfect and everything they do is perfect and makes us feel like crap. Us humans as readers do not like to feel like crap when you read a novel. So here are some basic tips and things on how to make sure your character is not another boring,annoying Mary Sue!

1.) Don't make your characters be everything you wish you could be. For example, Top Student, Cheerleader, etc. 

2.) FLAWS! Make your characters have flaws, no one is perfect. Have some flaws even if they are only minor. For example, neurotic or stubborn.

3.) Damsel in Distress all the time or The knight in shining armor. Nobody is that awesome or that pathetic all the time. Have some times where you show their weaknesses or strengths.

4.) No outrageous descriptions. For example, Stunning Silver-Blue eyes and Flaming red hair. ( I hope your hair is not on fire! LOL) 

5.) Perfect names that were made for the character, even if they were. For example, Raven Nightshade, for a character who is dark haired and mysterious. TOO PREDICTABLE!

6.) Nobody honestly cares about what your character is wearing so don't go into over detail. For example, Kate wore dark blue skinny jeans and a brown American Eagle t-shirt.

7.) No stereotypes. Everybody can be surprising, the cheerleader could be a math geek, too. 

Basically make your character have a real life rounded personality! 


                                           Bethany and Kaylie


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Posted 6 Years Ago

I can't win with descriptions! For most of my life there was too little description and now I realize I've been going overboard like completely overboard...

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Posted 6 Years Ago

For # 4--outrageous descriptions--I tend to be very poetic (at least, I think so..). Is that outrageous description?? I don't describe the characters in minute detail or every time I introduce them. Is that ok?
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