How to Improve...

How to Improve...

A Lesson by Shattered Dreams

Sorry I haven't done much for this lately.


If you have no idea how to make your writing better, then here I am. My writing was quite bad when I first started out, but if you just keep writing (small poems, short stories) you will get better at it. That's what happened to me, and now I'm much better! Don't doubt yourself, either. If anyone discourages you, let them deal with what they don't like. If you have tried your best with that piece of work, then you can't do much else. 
On the other hand, if you feel like the criticizer is right and you can improve on the things he said, then don't feel afraid to admit that you can do better and change it. You need to be yourself, you need to believe in yourself, and if it comes to having to change your writing, then don't let it stop you.
Of course, if someone is bugging you to change *yourself*, don't listen to them. YOU are YOU, you can't change that. Let them deal with their dislike.
Then again, if someone close to you doubts your abilities (family, close friends) then prove them that one: you will keep doing what you love even if no-one supports you, and two: tell them that even if they don't like your writing, it doesn't mean that others also dislike it.
Back to the matter at hand, improving tips:
Like I said before, you just need to keep writing. You'll then get an experience in writing, and you'll find that the more you write, the better you get. 
If you feel like that's no working (I bet it is, you just still don't like it!), then I suggest that you think more about your choice of words. This can help a lot, I found that, especially in poems, if you choose your words with more care than before, it will have a big impact on your readers. For instance, if you describe the colour more then you'd normally, or maybe the setting or feelings, and then squish it together to fit in with the rest of your work, it makes it more interesting. The only thing people do wrong with this is they think they now have an excuse to put in five adjectives after every connective. No. This just makes the writing boring. To make it sound better while still adding adjectives, is to space them out. And only use the words that describe the feelings or setting of that write. No-one likes it when writers try to make themselves look clever by using big, long pretty words. Use what's necessary, not what you want. 

This probably hasn't helped because you probably know all of this already, but I try. Thank you.

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