Tips and reasons

Tips and reasons

A Lesson by Shattered Dreams

I TRY to help. Sorry if I don't.


There are always ways to improve, and space to grow. You can NEVER be good enough, and you can ALWAYS be someone. If the big bully at school picks on you because your favourite subject is English and you love to write, then it's his problem. He doesn't know what he's missing out on. So what if your a geek? Do you enjoy writing? Then who gives?


Don't push yourself to write just because your best friend has a group of really cool kids who all love to write. Be yourself. By all means, have a go, and if you like it then good! Carry on! But if you find that it's not for you, then give it a rest and try again another day when your hobbies change maybe.

If it's actually the other way round and your friend wants to be like you and write, then tell them not to push them-selfs. The only thing worse then a forced writer is TWO forced writers. Or if your scared that your friend is better at writing then you and you don't want to b second-best (I know it happens, don't lie people!), then don't be! Like I said before, there is ALWAYS room for improvment, and before you know it, you may be even better then your friend!
Be happy for aspring writers that instantly do a good job. If you didn't and it took you a while to get to the stage that you are at now then think back and reflect on what you could've done to be in that new writer's shoes.
Never give up on a peice of writing becauseyou think it's too sloppy. Keep working on it, taking it and improving it, untill it's the way you want it.


This was a little introduction to my course, and I hope I will find something to fill the next lesson with. Untill then, KEEP WRITING!!!!

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Added on November 6, 2011
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