Adding Emotion: Part 1

Adding Emotion: Part 1

A Lesson by Prototato

Exactly what it says above.


So. I assume you're having some issues managing those emotions and feelings inside your story.
Hopefully, this will help you. Here are a few easy steps that will be explained in greater detail later on:

1) Listen to music while you write.
This is something that a lot of people do already, but do you really LISTEN to the music? Do you hear the emotions conveyed? Do you sense what the singer and song writer want you to feel? Find a song that really makes you feel whatever emotion you want to express, and it may just leak into your writing.

2) Write as soon as you feel that emotion.
Every writer has their own writing style, and this is often how they convey emotions. If your writing style isn't quite strong enough to spew emotion as is, wait to write that specific chapter or section until you feel the emotion you want the reader to feel strongly.

3) Meditate.
Now I know what you're all thinking. 'What does meditation have to do with emotion? Doesn't it just calm you down?'
Well, yes, it does calm you down. The more important part of it for writing emotionally, though, is the effect it has on your mind; particularly how it gives you more control over your mind. The combination of calm and collectedness migt just be enough to fully charge that spark of emotional writing in you.

If these didn't help, then hopefully the next bout of ideas will. Now get out there and show EMOTION!


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Posted 1 Year Ago

Hmm. Nice idea. That's a nice course. Thank you for sharing...
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