Word choices

Word choices

A Lesson by Novelist

Adding good, detailed word choices to your writing.


First off, to make a good story, you need some vital 'ingredients', as I like to call it. One of those things is word choices! Obviously, "I smacked the bully in the head" isn't nearly as exciting or interesting as "Stepping aside, I dodged a blow that should have given me a black eye, and smacked the bully in the face, knocking him over." See what I mean? Better word choices don't always mean bigger words, it can simply mean that you are giving more description. Also, when you are doing this, be careful that the word choices match your character. If your character is nerdy, you don't want them saying, for example "Hey dude, 'sup?!" and acting 'cool'. Get in your character's head, say what they would say, and let the reader get in your character's head!
Sorry so short, more coming soon! :)

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I am young (not telling age) and have just began to write, but I would really enjoy some constructive criticism on my work. :) Will begin posting soon.