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So, you have that vague idea of a character in your head. We all know that getting from mind to pen to paper can be tricky, but with my tips it becomes an easy step. This will take between 15min and 1hr, depending on how many characters you decide to have.


The first thing you need to thing about is your main character. If you have more then one main character, then only do one at a time. As this is an adventure story, think about the adventure your character/s take/s on. Write what you know, then answer these questions:
What does he/she look like?
What is their personality?
How do they change throughout the book?
What do they enjoy doing?
What is their name? (When doing this, link it to their personality, for example, if they are an angry person, them their name could mean storm)
How do they feel towards other characters?
Now that you have your main character sorted, you should be able to picture them in your head. If you can't, what have you missed?
For the other characters, the first thing you need to think about is how they feel towards the main character. Is is romantic? Is it hatred? It is friendship? What ever it is, you need to put it in. Are there any families involved? If so, write about the family. If somebody (like mother or father) aren't in the story when everyone else in the family is, why? Answer all the questions above but don't worry, you don't have to be able to visualise all of your characters, but it would be helpful if you could. That way, the reader should be able to see them too when they read it.
You need to do this as quickly as possible after having your idea otherwise you will forget all of the details. The next lesson will be about the plot.


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