Lesson Three- Dimensions and Realms

Lesson Three- Dimensions and Realms

A Lesson by Namikai

Simple things to know about using Dimensions and Realms


Many writers (mainly of the fiction base) like to use other Dimensions and Realms. This can be an easy task, or a complicated, drawn out task. There are writers who will only use the "Human" Realm (also considered Earth). Personally, I like to use separate Realms and Dimensions. It adds unforeseen color to everything that's going on in the story especially if you use demons and fey or other creatures. You can even use Gods and Goddesses from mythology. It's as simple as making a Faerie realm or creating Mt.Olympus.

When using a separate Dimension, it depends on how often that Dimension is spoken of and visited. Dimensions are a common thing in Science Fiction. They can be relatively easy to create but at the same time can have an air of complication. The easiest Dimension to create would be the Mirror Dimension. It's everything that's going on in the "Human World" just simple things are reversed. Like when you hold a piece of paper with writing up to a mirror and the writing is backwards. Simple little things like that.

Now, creating a Realm is something completely different. It has more parts and more complications. Creating a Faerie Realm for one, requires a large amount of thinking and imagination. In that realm you could have creatures of all varieties. You could have Centaurs, Faries, Dragons, different kinds of Demons, anything. It's important to explain what creature(s) live where and what they do. If you have Vampires, then explain what part of the Realm they live in. If you use Demons, explain which kinds they are and what areas they occupy.

The creatures in a Realm are important, but the scenery is also key. you want your reader to feel like this is a real place. You'll want to explain what the forests look like or what the towns and cities look like. Describing key places that your main character visits is also important.

Ex: Kurone walked, staring at the odd trees around her. Most looked normal except that their leaves glowed with different colors and the little critters that crawled on the trees were things she had never seen. From beetles with four or five horns, to caterpillars with abnormal tails or pregrown wings. One insect she had saw looked like smoke was emanating from it's body. She had decided to stay away from that particular bug. The Raidre Forest was a place of wonders and equal dangers.

Describing little things helps the reader get a feel of what she's looking at.

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