Lesson Two- Setting

Lesson Two- Setting

A Lesson by Namikai

Simple setting tips


One important topic in writing is Setting. If you don't know your setting, how are you going to build your story correctly? If your story takes place in another Dimension or Realm, it's important to describe what those places look like, who lives there, and so on. You'll learn more about Dimensions and Realms in the next lesson.

Important factors to consider (and probably use) when getting your setting:
     Time: What era is it? Is it in the extreme past with Dinosaurs? Is it in the present or even in the near or far future? Knowing the Time is always necessary so you don't use technology that isn't invented yet, or that is too old.
     Place: Where is it taking place? Are your main characters in a small village or a big city? Are they in a hot area or a cold area? Knowing where everything is taking place is vital to how you can continue on with your story line.

Knowing these two things alone is enough to get you started on your setting. Of course there are a few other factors, but those will be explained in further lessons. For now, focus on the Time and Place of where everything takes place.

For example, if your characters are missionaries out to kill an army, you could use several different methods of time and place. Something like a school of wizardry wouldn't be the ideal place for such a battle. Nor would a time of peace. Everything revolves around the time and place.

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