Writing Consistently

Writing Consistently

A Lesson by Miss Coral

On how much you should write, when you should write... all that nonsense.


So, this is probably the most important thing I'm going to talk about. You do have to actually write in order for writing tools to have any meaning, right? But it probably isn't going to be too much of a problem unless you're working on longer pieces. If you're on this site, you probably adore writing. You want to marry writing. Writing is amaazing

But in longer pieces, it's difficult. It can become evil. It might even align itself with Darth Vader.

The key to writing longer pieces, to writing well, to making yourself grow in your writing, is to write consistently. And do a whole lot of it. 

You should write every day. Probably for at least an hour. Not only does this give you an enormous amount of material, it makes you improve yourself. Many people write at the same time everyday. It becomes a part of their daily routine, lets their mind get used to it... it's a wonderful thing to do. Sometimes, I think it's better to switch up what time exactly you write at- your mood changes throughout the day. If it's night and you have  a family, it's probably a really quiet time (unless your kids really don't want to go to bed). Same with morning, especially if you're a morning person, unlike yours truly. If you're writing at noon, if you're writing in the office, it's all going to be different. 

When I was attempting to write a book last year (which I soon lost momentum for, because I didn't do this), I was writing at home, scribbling, scribbling, making good progress. And then I went on a school retreat. We were in the woods, and it was awesome, and I just kept on my writing. I got home, and what did I find? I found that I had completely changed the setting of the book to the WOODS, where I was, and the tone of the writing was almost completely different. I was little unhappy. 

Setting, time of the day, and length of writing time all matter. They really do. 

Now, back to that hour a day I mentioned. This is for most people. This is for people who have really packed schedules, and don't have an extra hour a day. You should set a goal that's difficult for yourself. Stretch yourself. If you really want to be successful in writing, MAKE time for writing. You should write as much as you possibly can. You can build up to a longer period of time, obviously. In fact, you should. Otherwise, you'll lose your steam really quickly, I promise. If you don't write every day now, start slow. Maybe at five minutes. You might even set a timer. Increase by five minutes every day, make it known around the house that you ARE WRITING. This is not free time. This is not a time to be disturbed. This is a time for writing. 



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Posted 6 Years Ago

i write from about midnight to 1:30 and i like the night because nobody is going to bother me at all

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Yeah - writing consistently does help a lot. So does reading consistently to keep new and open ideas flowing.
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