The 7 Helpful Tips of Writing

The 7 Helpful Tips of Writing

A Lesson by J. F. Charleston

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1. Write what comes from your Heart and Brain, and then combine for a really good piece.

2. Have friends that will help you (Good to have lots of friends)

3. Have an idea and hold on to it (Perhaps write it down or put it into your phone)

4. Add to your idea

5. Don't be afraid to share your writing if you like it

6. Accept the good advice your friends give

7. Make changes and reread your work (until you are satisfied with it)


*Note that your "Writing will always be a draft. There is always more to be done to make it better."~ Heather Maria.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

I like number 1. Too often, people write from the heart OR the brain, and they end up leaving out half of what's good.

I'd add a number 8, too: Know when you have done the best that you are able to do at this time, and stop rewriting. (I'm really bad about wanting to rewrite over and over and over...)

If you plan to write more about this topic, could you please explain how to identify "good advice" (versus "bad advice")? Actually, elaborating more on each of your points would help a lot of people.
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Added on August 14, 2012
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J. F. Charleston
J. F. Charleston


"Write from the brain and heart. Join them to create one great piece of writing." J.F. Charleston.