First Draft

First Draft

A Lesson by guy drori

Do it, don't think it!


Indeed, finishing the first draft of a novel is the most difficult stage (The second is finding an agent who will agree to work with you.) Though most challenging, it is the best part of the process. Unlike the revision stage, the first draft can be fun, and needs not involve frustration or rage - emotions that may prevent writers from finishing their novel or lead them to finish it after a very long time. So why do many still experience such sentiments when writing their first draft? The answer is . . . over-thinking.




Not in vain do two processes exist - them being the first draft and the revision stage. Indeed, revision is a headache. It involves reading the same chapters over and over again while taking notice on grammar and minor details. Unfortunately, many approach their first draft like one should approach the revision process. They go back, fix, change, and think of how to perfect the scenes. Many writers, me included, claim it is a mistake. The first draft need not involve over-thinking in any way. In fact, the approach for the first draft should be one of a painter spilling paint on canvas. Seeking for improvement - or in another words revision - prevents the story's natural flow. There is a quote that says "to write good you must first write badly." There are writers who think that making a bad first draft is a negative thing, when in fact it happens to the best of us. First drafts are not meant to be good, but are simply meant to be. 




Yes, it is hard to avoid scrolling back to improve mistakes, yet when writing the first draft it is advised to continue without looking back.


If you are on your first draft, leave your thoughts and concerns about changes and perfection to future stages. In the meantime, enjoy the natural flow of your story and continue creating that magical world of yours!

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