Middle Earth, Narnia, and the other Places

Middle Earth, Narnia, and the other Places

A Lesson by Playing with Demons

How to make your own Narnia for your story! The Setting


Reasons to why I'm starting with setting:
- If you do characters first where will they live?
-Where characters live is part of who they are... Katniss was poor and lived in District 12.
-The setting sets up where all the characters will be...if your evil overlord lived with Harry P there'd be a problem...
- Setting's are a bit harder to change when the story is already set in it.

Each Setting is a reflection of your characters. In Hunger Games, the Capitol was for the rich and the Districts for the poor and nominees for the games. To create your world you must think how will I shape my world to fit the plot and the character.


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Playing with Demons
Playing with Demons

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