Lesson 10

Lesson 10

A Lesson by Tantra Bensko



Think of a big idea that would require a lot of ambition to portray. Some complex philosophy or concept you've been thinking deeply about for awhile. Something hard to put into words, an uncommon idea, something profound. Not a one word theme, but a statement, a truth you've discovered. Something out of the usual, worth readers learning about so they too have a subtle epiphany.

See if you can get that idea across in a story without every saying it directly or even coming close. Write about characters, setting, action, and let those show, suggest, mimic whatever that idea is, but in some slanted, unexpected way.

What is required of your story to accomplish that that would take it out of the usual conflict/resolution realistic linear arc of tension? Don't allow your story to have that. Make its core structure different from anything you've seen before.

Obviously, these are not like my formal courses, where I have long lectures and detailed assignments with lots of interaction and exploration of a lot of topics in depth. But I hope this has been useful in at least reading over it and getting some new idea or perspective. If you're interested in studying with me or employing me for editing, my site is

Best wishes with your avant-garde writing!

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"Dude! My Planet of Five Series Does This!"
by PB Jacobs (www.writerscafe.org)


My "Planet of Five" series does this, and it show's my audience how I came to the conclusion I did on a developmental level (step-by-step).

Then, I draft my thesis, and I explain what I mean with each part of it with descriptive paragraph's, as in one paragraph per thesis part. Each paragraph is about a life-based thing.

I'm advancing what I learned at DeVry Online University. Yeah, I got all A's In my English and Communication's courses there.

My Planet of Five series help's people to be educated and learn more on a mind-level, so they really understand what I'm saying. This also help's them apply what I'm teaching them to their everyday and professional live's, Tantra.

PB Jacobs
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