Lesson 12

Lesson 12

A Lesson by Tantra Bensko



Words don't have to be arranged on the page in the usual way in fiction. It can do whatever it wants, like poetry can. A lot of Experimental Fiction goes wild with placement. Sometimes the visuals are extremely important to the meaning or the desired effect of the piece. Sometimes, just a little toggling of the sentences here and there is all this is needed.

Write a story in which you know you'll be doing something unusual with where you break sentences, where you pick them up again, where you leave white space. Let that effect the topic, and tone.

Sometimes you can mimic

      what you're describing
                              such as
                         maybe it's
                              someone jumping
                                off a cliff
                                    on a very 
                                      windy day

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Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko

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