Lesson 13

Lesson 13

A Lesson by Tantra Bensko



Writing that acknowledges openly that it's writing, and refers to itself, usually as a literary conceit, is meta-fiction, and it's pretty popular in the avant-garde style. The narrator might break down and directly address the reader, stop trying to put on a good front, and pretend the fiction happened, and just admit that it's all a ploy, none of it happened, but that something entirely different actually happened. And start trying to sneak that in, but gets in trouble. That sort of thing.

Write a story which becomes about the telling of itself. Try not to make it too gimmicky, or clever for clever sake. See if it can be meaningful or truly entertaining to a potential reader.

Go into the mind of a reader when you are revising, and imagine if anything that seems obvious to you is not to a random person coming across it, distracted by a variety of things, paying somewhat close attention but not a captive audience.

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